Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beautiful places: Oahu Hawaii pt. 2

The thrill of travelling always hits me when I step out of the airport.
It's that feeling of knowing deep down, down deep
damn girl
 you a long way from home.

Every single time those doors slide open,
and that first step out, out of everything comfortable
and everything normal and away from everything real,
you wake up. 

Eyes wide as you hail a cab or wait for that person who is gonna pick you up
and your senses feast on the people and your body just wants to roll around on the ground
because dear God, you are finally free.

For the next you few days you can't believe your luck.
You made it.
You made it,
another part of the world
another piece of the puzzle
you no longer have to imagine what it'd be like
cause dammit sucker YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE!

You've talked to the people and made your way through their city,
seen where they all lived
and for even the smallest amount of time
you were there, a part of it all

I was here
not too long ago.
For all those years I wondered,
but how can you possibly imagine beauty like this?

Place so abundant in movement and life
you even look at the brothers sleeping under the palm tree and think
this isn't so bad
cause for the rest of us, we're just pretending to be a part of the aloha life
but it won't be long before we head back to our tedious daily strife
back to the mundane and the grind we all on
and in a fleeting moment 
in a year or two
I'll remember that I made it.

I made it.
I was here.

Big love,

Falala Mele.

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