Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 months ago

It's crazy to even think that 10 months ago I turned 30. So much has changed within 10 months and I realised that I haven't even shared the pics from my 30th birthday with you all. I don't know why people freak out about turning 30....when my 30th birthday rolled around the corner it felt like another birthday. I've never really made a big deal out of birthdays and I think I wanted a birthday party last year because I was getting ready to move over to London.

I didn't want anything fancy....just a good old fashioned backyard party with family and friends. When I grew up, I attended some really good house know the kind where strangers rock up but everyone leaves knowing someone new, with a few new stories to trade with friends on Monday when errbody got back to school.

We kicked it 90 styles because that takes me back to my doe-eyed-I'm-so-innocent teen years. When friends wrote letters to each other or shared a 3-way chats on the home phone. When music was recorded off the radio and when you scrawled the name of your crush on school books and had you to wait and hope to see them around school. Those were the days.

The weather was weirdly and ridiculously cold for May and I honestly felt like we were going to freeze. Biggest shout out to my family and friends who all made the effort to dress up and perform (my friends and family performed some of their fave hits of the 90's) IT WAS THE BEST!!!

I really wanna host a summer party when I get home to my big back yard! I didn't edit these because I kind of like them as is, with all the imperfections. Eyes closed, mouths open...these are what my pics looked like back in the day anyway. I will see if I can find some of my old backyard party pics to share with y'all.

Anyways here are the pics of my beautiful people (some who drove interstate from Melbourne and Mildura and some who drove down from Sydney to surprise me). Thank you to everyone who made it possible, especially my little sister who ran around organising everything so I could try to enjoy the party. Love you.

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